Member Spotlight

Diane Driscoll, Quality Control Manager, National Merchant's Association

Diane Driscoll is in Temecula, CA, and  manages the Quality Control department for National Merchant’s Association (NMA), as the Quality Control Manager. 

With a 13-year background in Biotechnology and Criminal Justice, Diane joined NMA in May of  2015. “Payments was a new adventure where I could grow and develop.” Diane said “NMA invests in their employees and personally this was a new and exciting industry for me to learn about.”

Looking for a challenge, Diane jumped into payments feet first. She’s been promoted twice at NMA, and is on the company’s Professional Development Committee, as well as ETA’s Risk, Fraud and Security Council. Diane was introduced to Wnet through NMA -attending a regional event and the Career & Leadership Summit. “I saw the advantage of becoming a Wnet member to leverage my career and network. My goal is to become an expert within the industry, and Wnet is providing the tools to do so.”

Since joining Wnet, Diane has been an invaluable asset on the Membership Committee, heading the Ambassador Task Force and involved in the New Member Buddy program. Diane is a great example that new members can see Wnet’s benefits immediately. 

Diane continues to challenge herself daily, personally and professionally. She enjoys reading and cooking for her family for the holidays, and making her specialty dish of stuffed mushrooms. Next on her list of accomplishments. Taking the CPP (Certified Payments Professional) exam, and learning to make a family tradition:  eggplant parmesan. 

Diane’s advice to incoming members who want to be successful payments professionals? “Get involved!”

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