Webinar Series


Wnet webinars put enrichment and learning right where you need them, on your computer.

Wnet strives to produce several webinars a year with topics that challenge and inspire. Please don’t hesitate to contact us at info@wnetonline.org to suggest a topic or a speaker or if you have a story or topic you would like to share with Wnet members.
Some previous webinars are still available for viewing.

Webinar February 13, 2018
Manage Your Financial Life – Why Organization is an Essential First Step

To manage your financial life, you need to get organized, analyze your financial profile, educate yourself about investing, and then invest your money. Organization is an important first step.

WEB January 18, 2018
New Year New You: How to take charge of your career path and leverage new opportunities

Hear Trustwave’s very own Vice President of Compliance and Support Services Jennifer Saddoris present “New Year New You: How to take charge of your career path and leverage new opportunities within the Payments Industry”.

Webinar November 16, 2017
Hard Ball with a Soft Touch: How Women Can Prevail at the Negotiating Table

This webinar will focus on encouragement for women: how to own your own success, believe in yourself, seize the day and negotiate what you want – and still be respected by co-workers!

Webinar April 11, 2017
Get Noticed and Promoted

Shelley Row, author of "Think Less, Live More. Lessons from a Recovering Over-Thinker" will be presenting a Webinar.

Webinar December 6, 2016
A Wnet Webinar for All Members

Please join Wnet’s Membership & Webinar Committees for an informational webinar featuring Wnet Advisor Liz Pike

Webinar August 17, 2016
Reputation Management- Building Your Professional Brand

3:00 - 4:00 PM
Presented by: Deborah Thomas-Nininger

Webinar May 18, 2016
Optimizing Your Social Media Presence featuring Peggy Bekavac Olson

Peggy Bekavac Olson, payments industry go-to marketing expert, shared her insight and practical advice on optimizing your social media presence.

Webinar March 24, 2016
Leverage Changes in Payments to Position Yourself for Career Growth

Presented by Wnet board members Joan Herbig, Deana Rich and Holli Targan, Wnet Board Members

Webinar August 12, 2015
Elaine’s Eight Rules for Successful Living

Presented by Elaine B. Agather, Chairman, JP Morgan Chase, Dallas

Webinar May 6, 2015
Crawling Across Broken Glass

How One Woman Fought Gender Discrimination, Beat the Odds and Won