Member Ambassador Program

We seek to empower every Wnet member to get every benefit we provide. Whether you are new member, or have been a member for years, a Wnet Member Ambassador can be one of your greatest  resources. They are ready to help you learn more about membership benefits and resources and connect you with other members and staff who can help you reach your goals.

About the Member Ambassadors:
Wnet Member Ambassadors, listed below, are Wnet members who volunteer their time to be a resource for other Wnet members. We want you to get the most out of your Wnet membership; by getting involved, learning about Wnet resources, expanding your network, or just answer your questions.

How it to connect with Member Ambassador:
Below are Wnet Member Ambassador contact details. Simply choose one and drop us an email. Be sure to so staff can support you as needed.

Meet the Member Ambassadors:

Diane Driscoll, ETA CPP
National Merchant Association, Temecula – California
Member of Membership Committee, Southern California Chapter, & Corporate Champion

Shalynn Moore
National Merchants Association - Temecula, CA
Member of Membership Committee & Southern California Chapter

Kristy Richardson
USPAY Group LLC - Levittown, NY
Member of Webinar Subcommittee, Membership Committee & Innovator Advisor

Catherine Maloney
Industry Value Advisor, Financial Services SAP America - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Member of Membership Committee & Philadelphia Chapter of Wnet, Lead


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