Board of Directors

The Directors are responsible for ensuring that the goals from the strategic plan and budget are aligned with the structure and activities of Wnet Committees and Task Forces. The Directors play an active role in committee management, recruitment and retention of members and sponsors, and provide subject matter expertise to educational content and program design. Along with the Founders and Executive Committee, the Directors are voting members of the Board. Directors serve 2-year terms and can serve 2 terms.

Audrey Blackmon
SVP Business Development - Americas
Gail Burgos
Senior Diversity and Inclusion Manager
Global Payments
Stacy Hughes
Chief Information Security Officer
Global Payments
Cynthia Knowles
VP, Head of Business Administration
FIS Banking Solutions
Liz Pike
Green Rhino Recruitment
Julia C. Pukas
Head of Commercial Strategy & Integration
TD Bank
Serena Smith
Executive of Financial Services
Jess Turner
Executive Vice President, North America Products & Innovation
Polly Van Duser
Senior Partner - Payments & Fintech, North America
Greenings International