Convince Your Manager

How do I ask my manager to pay for my membership? 

We’ve heard it before, skepticism that your manager might not be able to find money in the budget to support your membership in Wnet.  

Try framing your discussion around your manager’s pain points. Drive the subject toward your company’s bottom line, with your career development as the tangential reward. Demonstrate how the tangible benefits of your membership in Wnet will make you more productive, efficient and effective as an employee.  

Use these top-level reasons to demonstrate why supporting your membership in Wnet is good for your manager and your company: 

  • Annual fee pays for itself through discounts of up to 50% on industry events. (ETA, Money20/20, etc.) 
  • Connections with existing and new partners to deepen our company relationships  
  • Significant opportunities to hone my expertise as our dynamic industry evolves and to strengthen connections and perspectives, enhancing my ability to perform my job 
  • Opportunity to understand better what potential competitors are doing  
  • Potential to have a mentor outside our company who can provide unique perspectives and invest in my development, making me more valuable to the company