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Pay It Forward • Move Forward

The Mentor Exchange is generously sponsored by First Data.

THE MENTOR EXCHANGE helps Wnet women  achieve success, influence, and professional parity in the payments industry through mutually-rewarding mentoring relationships.

Whether you want an experienced pro in your corner to call upon for advice with a specific challenge, or a monthly conversation to fine tune your career road map, or you have knowledge and experience and are ready to give back.


The Mentor Exchange is designed FOR YOU.


• Open only to active Wnet members, this proprietary program carefully pairs Mentors and Mentees based on the goals, backgrounds and common interests of every participant. Wnet supports the growth of each mentor/mentee relationship over the next 6 months with webinars and other resources. Mentor and mentees can meet virtually, in person, and a combination of both. Mentees drive the conversation that fine tunes their career trajectory with mentor-gained wisdom and insights.    Formal Mentoring pairs have access to the Mentoring Resource Center.


• Open only to active Wnet members, this proprietary program enables members access to a private group where Mentors offer their experience and insights to mentees navigating a particular question or challenge.

Participants in the Mentor-for-a-Minute participate in the program through a private member-only page. All Wnet Board members and advisors are available for situational, one-on-one, confidential mentoring sessions. Getting ready to interview for a new position? Asking for a raise or promotion? Need some advice about a situation with a co-worker or issue? Wnet has the answer!!

Access Mentor-for-a-Minute

Wait! There’s more

Wnet members also have access to critical, issue-based content delivered Speaker Series Webinars featuring leaders and experts discussing relevant subjects.

Be a part of this amazing opportunity tailored to you!

Pay it forward. Move forward. Start today!

Whether you want to participate as a Mentor or a Mentee, or both, complete the Mentoring Exchange Application form today.

For more information, email Wnet or call 1-781-876-8818.