Diane Faro, CEO, JetPay: The Most Influential Women in Payments 2019

March 13, 2019

“Collaboration and teamwork are particularly important in Faro’s career, having served as a mentor for legions of female executives as a co-founder of the nonprofit Women Networking in Electronic Transactions (Wnet). With two other female payments industry executives, Faro helped establish Wnet in 2005, watching it become a thriving national organization with record participation in networking events and mentoring. Faro is still active in the organization, after serving on its board for nine years.


‘Women in fintech make us a stronger, more powerful industry,’ Faro said, pointing to all the women she’s seen rise in the industry in the years since Wnet was formed. ‘Mentoring cultivates exceptional teamwork. I have dedicated many years to helping emerging professionals develop their abilities and enhance their contributions to both our team and the industry as a whole,’ Faro said.


Faro claims she learned leadership and mentoring skills from the best.”

Source: Payment Source


Source: Payment Source