Behind a Payment Startup's Battle to Bridge the Gender Gap

July 18, 2019

Payments Source - Wnet Co-founder Linda Perry spoke with Payments Source about ways to address diversity in the payments industry. Excerpt below:

“The focus on sales and the payments industry in general is a good way to address the larger gender gap in financial services and technology, said Perry, a co-founder of the Women’s Network in Electronic Transactions, who worked for many years at Visa as senior vice president of acquirer and processor sales in the U.S.

Perry said she ran a sales training program for loan officers earlier in her career, which provides not only an expertise in sales, but a visibility that countered an existing unconscious bias in corporate culture. “The women are there, they just may not be as visible as some of the men,” Perry said.

The overall technology growth, and the spike in startups in the payments industry over the past few years, has also helped bring attention to the gender gap in financial services. “Payments is a younger industry. There’s more creativity and there are more opportunities to run it, own it or start it,” Perry said.

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