Volunteer Central

Welcome! And thank you for stepping up to consider how you might contribute your talent and expertise to help us create a stronger and more diverse industry by empowering and investing in women. We invite you to be an active part of our growth and constant improvement and welcome you to be as active as you'd like. You are part of an amazing organization of women from across the payments industry, and men who advocate for us. Wnet Volunteer Central is our way to empowering you to participate in the areas, with the skills and time that fit your goals.

How It Works

Below are the active task lists within each Wnet Committee that needs your help. Download the excel document to view the tasks. Each Excel file has columns for the event/activity that the task is related to, as well as the timeframe of expected involvement. Once you find something you want to do, simply email us with the committee name and task name to get started!

Wnet Committees


Download Programming/Events volunteer task list

The Programming/Events committee plans national Wnet events such as the Leadership Summit and events in conjunction with industry events. This committee identifies topics that support Wnet’s mission. Additionally, this committee aligns content delivery with member needs and Wnet’s resources in an effort to coordinate educational outreach. Subcommittees focus on each delivery method (webinar, local networking meetings, major events, etc.) to allow for simultaneous content development.


Download Marketing volunteer task list

The Marketing & Communications committee is responsible for Wnet’s brand and logo, website design and copy, public relations, social media and electronic marketing. Several subcommittees divide the work and allow volunteers to align their expertise and interests with Wnet’s needs.


Download Mentoring volunteer task list

The Mentoring committee facilitates and encourages the personal and professional growth of Wnet members throughout the industry by overseeing a structured six-month mentoring program. The committee’s goal is to support mentoring and networking opportunities as well as educational programs to encourage our members to create meaningful, empowering professional relationships.


Download Membership volunteer task list

The Membership committee focuses on membership benefits and recruitment and retention strategies. They work to drive membership through corporate sponsorship, individual memberships and extending the membership base beyond traditional payment companies.

Business Development

Download Business Development volunteer task list

This committee develops, and works with the Executive Director to implement, a development strategy for obtaining corporate sponsorship funds. This committee may also work closely with the Membership Committee to develop appropriate financial strategies for both corporate and individual memberships.