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Wnet produces webinars throughout the year featuring topics that challenge, inspire and empower you. Our speakers are selected by our volunteers and are industry experts and professional development speakers.

For your convenience we have posted recordings of previously-produced webinars on this page so you can access this valuable content 24/7/365.

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Webinar June 9, 2020
Real Leadership and the Pinocchio Principle How to Unleash Genius in Yourself and Others

Do you ever feel like the price of performing at a high level and making a big impact in your field is living with a continual level of stress, pressure and overwhelm?

Webinar May 12, 2020
Networking in a Virtual World

One day we all woke up and the world had changed. How we do business, how we relate and even how we greet each other with a quick hug or handshake, all changed overnight. 

Webinar April 21, 2020
Payments Across the World - EU Spotlight

On April 21st, at 12pm ET/5pm UK, Wnet and our friends at EWPN (European Women Payments Network) will hold a panel on payments in the EU and answer your questions.

Webinar April 15, 2020
COVID-19 - Global, Economic, Personal, & Professional Impacts

COVID-19 has impacted economies, as well as personal and professional lives globally. Hear from our expert panelists on how the “new normal” is generating learnings, opportunities and efficiencies for women in payments.

Webinar April 7, 2020
How to Navigate Change, Challenge & Uncertainty and Unleash Unprecedented Performance

Change is inevitable and unavoidable.  And it is an essential part of growth, both for individuals and organizations.

Webinar February 25, 2020
McKinsey Women in the Workplace - How Payments Compares to Other Industries

Women in the Workplace is a study of the state of women in corporate America conducted annually by LeanIn.Org and McKinsey & Company.

Webinar February 18, 2020
How to Survive a Merger or Acquisition

Many of the large payments companies experienced mergers in 2019. Organizational Development Models show that often businesses do not fail after a merger due to a bad business arrangement – they fail due to the people.

Webinar December 3, 2019
Strategic Leadership in the Age of Complexity

 In a world of growing complexity, many of the most challenging problems facing managers arise from their inability to keep up with the transformation of their business.

Webinar November 19, 2019
Payments Across the World - Asia Pacific Spotlight

On November 19th our subject matter expert panelists discussed APAC payments and took live questions from the audience!

Webinar November 14, 2019
Lack of Confidence - How to Overcome the Monkeys in Your Head

Confidence is a tiny muscle that is built over time and consistency. When one gets a little success, they trust themselves more. Over time, this grows.