Flip Failure – How Learning from Your Mistakes Makes You More Successful

March 18, 2021

The key to long-term success is not avoiding failure but responding to it in a way that fosters growth and innovation. Both people and organizations can benefit from a view that turns shortfalls into learning opportunities.

On a personal level, embracing failure is hard. It is especially difficult for women, who feel societal pressure to be perfect at all things. Learning to apply a failure-tolerant mindset can help women embrace failure without giving in to negativity. Recognizing the lessons hidden in their missteps can help women to grow themselves, their communities, and their businesses.

Product Leader Ananya Bhattacharyya will present specific, practical frameworks one can use to fail forward. With these frameworks, one can let go of the need for perfection and present oneself with confidence. Ananya will share personal stories of how she applied these frameworks to transform failure into strength. She will offer ways to break free from imposter syndrome and escape other’s expectations in order to achieve your full potential.

Don’t let a fear of falling short control your destiny. Flip the script and turn your missteps from foes to friends.

In this session, you'll learn:

  • To reframe failure into a learning experience
  • To identify your personal information and experience processing styles
  • How to make fact-based decisions while honoring your feelings
  • The difference between accountability and blame casting
  • How to foster an environment focused on perfecting processes rather than outcomes

Speaker: Ananya Bhattacharyyax, Principal Product Manager – Technical, Mastercard

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