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Wnet produces webinars throughout the year featuring topics that challenge, inspire and empower you. Our speakers are selected by our volunteers and are industry experts and professional development speakers.

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Webinar June 25, 2019
Breaking Gender Bias for Higher Business Impact

Gender bias and discrimination in the workplace has serious consequences; we are increasingly exposed to its pervasive and negative impact on both people and business.

Webinar June 18, 2019
How To Be Happy At Work For No Reason

In 2019, a prominent client came to Elizabeth and asked her to write this presentation. We all have bad days at work and are under stress.

Webinar May 21, 2019
Damaging Phrases Women Use in the Office that Diminish Them

Elizabeth's talk discusses the five phrases that women unknowingly use in the office that immediately discredits them, and can even tarnish their perception, causing them to be overlooked for a promotion.

Webinar April 23, 2019
How to Get Invited Into The Boy's Club - And Why That Matters

This presentation boldly addresses the reasons why women are often overlooked for a promotion in male-dominated industries and gives practical suggestions on how to overcome bias.

Webinar October 24, 2018
Effective Leadership From Where You Are

Often times people get so caught up on their next move or promotion that they don't become leaders in their current roles.  Join Wnet and Speakers, Christina Moore and Jason Montanez for a must attend webinar!

Webinar September 20, 2018
Part 2: Manage Your Financial Life – Why Organization is an Essential First Step

Join Wnet for Nancy Doyle’s Part 2 webinar on Setting Financial Priorities. Our financial lives are complex, and juggling various commitments can be a challenge.

Webinar August 14, 2018
Good Girls Ask! Negotiation Techniques for Women

Webinar July 12, 2018
Emotional Intelligence Drives Success

Boost your career by enhancing your effectiveness with others. Emotional Intelligence (EQ) is the key!

Think, speak and win your audience with Structured Thinking May 10, 2018
Think, speak and win your audience with Structured Thinking

Structured thinking is critical to maintain your audience and communicate your point efficiently and effectively.

Structured Thinking May 10, 2018
Structured Thinking